Chairman's Message

Festus Anaemeje, MPA, CPA, NOCIA National Chairman.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is indeed a privilege and honor to introduce to you to the Ngor Okpala Congress in America’s (NOCIA) Website. The actualization of this Website is a testament to the strength and commitment of the current NOCIA leadership. Previous administration’s aspirations to link NOCIA to the World Wide Web proved unsuccessful, but with the dedicated team of Dr. Godwin Opara, Dr. Jude Nwosu, Chief Sabinus Ezekwe, and Dr. Festus Onyegbule, led by Dr. Cleo Okere, the “Mission was accomplished”.

In the Twenty 21st, Non-Profit organizations can no longer rely on prior traditional means of operations, centering on telephone call, snail mails, and event marketing to raise money and to engage prospective donors.  NOCIA Website is therefore a tool to aggressively bring awareness to members and prospective members, collect donations and engage prospective donors.

As an umbrella organization of Umu Ngor Okpala residing in America, the website would facilitate NOCIA’s Mission and Vision, which includes but not limited to

  1. Providing a forum for the dissemination of information and discussion of issues pertaining Ngor Okpala and proffer solutions.
  2. Teach and exhibit Ngor Okpala’s rich tradition, culture, and diversity to our host communities in particular and the society at large.
  3. Solicit resources from members and from other legal sources to execute programmed agenda, etc.

I believe a strong online presence will serve as a cost effective and efficient way of creating awareness, visibility, and recognition.

To all chapter affiliates, I encourage you to submit a monthly newsletter regarding your organization to be published on the website.

To all Members-at-Large, you are also encouraged to submit articles which promotes NOCIA’s vision, mission and goals or any relevant article for discussion.

Once again I thank the Team for a job well done.

Festus Anaemeje, MPA, CPA

NOCIA National Chairman.