Chicago Local Chapter

Welcome to NZUKO NGOR OKPALA MIDWEST CHAPTER USA (NNOMCUSA)-CHICAGO website! A non-profit 501-C (3) organization incorporated in the state of Illinois in 2012.

The inaugural meeting of Chicago Chapter was on May 23, 2010 at Chief Chris Nze’s House with 15 people in attendance. Thereafter, a temporary Committee comprising: Dr. Emmanuel Alozie, Chief Chris Nze, Chief Ibe Anyanwu, Mr. Jude Nwaiwu, Chief Steve Chima and Dr. Jude Nwosu was formed to start laying the groundwork for the Formation of the Association.

Consequently, the first Executives of NNOMCUSA were elected in November 2010 comprising of Chief Chris Nze (President), Mr. Jude Nwaiwu (Vice-President), Dr. Jude Nwosu (Secretary), Mr. Kelechi Eke (Financial Secretary), Chief (Mrs.) Ann Enyobi (Treasurer) and Mr. Ray Okere (PRO).

With dedication and perseverance, NNOMCUSA continued to grow culminating in the official inauguration of the Chapter on September 2, 2012, with representatives from all the Chapters and Members-At-Large that make up Ngor Okpala Congress in America (NOCIA) in attendance.

As a testament to the growth of NNOMCUSA, what started with a membership of 15 in 2010, now boasts of a membership of over about 30-50 (including inactive members). About 20 different Ngor Okpala Communities are represented.

NNOMCUSA’s goals include reaching out to our brothers and sisters in all the Mid-Western cities of US, fostering unity and cohesiveness among all the members, practicing being our “brothers’/sisters’ keepers “and making sure that our people at home are not forgotten. Currently water supply project has just been completed in Alulu Community and more programs aimed specifically at improving the welfare of Ngor Okpala towns and her people are in the works. Long live NNOMCUSA! Long live NOCIA! Long live Ngor Okpala! and Long live IMO State!

Executives & their Contact Information

Dr. Emmanuel Alozie
Hon. George Eke
Vice President
Dr. Godfrey Chinedu
Gen Sec.
Mrs. Ogechi Anyasor
Mr. Tony Chima
Fin. Sec.
Mr. Raymond Okere
Chief Chris Nze
Dr. Jude Nwosu