Ngor Okpala Congress In America

Prof.Chieke Evans Ihejirika, First National Chairman of NOCIA

Ngor-Okpala Congress In America: A Brief History​

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Unity is strength

In line with the Igbo culture and tradition, Umu Ngor-Okpala in America wanted to form an organization for their collective wellbeing once they became a critical mass that could make a difference in their home land. So many had discussed this possibility at various settings in the past before the right moment presented itself.

That auspicious moment came about in 1995 when our brethren in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut under the auspices of Ngor-Okpala Progressive Organization NOPO convened the first all Ngor-Okpala conference in New Jersey. Many Ngor-Okpala sons and daughters from across the United States answered that invitation and gathered. It was on that occasion that a committee was set up with our distinguished senior brother, an erudite priest and scholar Rev. Monsignor Theophilus Okere was made the chairman of the constitution drafting and committee and yours truly was appointed the secretary.

Shortly thereafter, destiny intervened and the chairman, Monsignor Okere, was called back home to Nigeria at the expiration of his sabbatical. So, the task of writing the constitution fell on my shoulders; and in consultation with our distinguished committee members, we came up with the constitution.

This was launched in Houston, Texas the following year, 1996. I, then, had the privilege of becoming the first chairman of Ngor-Okpala Congress in America NOCIA. The materialization of this dream organization will forever be a source of joy and satisfaction to us and our posterity; and we remain grateful to God Almighty from whom all good things come.

Long Live Ngor-Okpala; and Long Live Ngor-Okpala Congress in America!